Need more leads? Try the free Raindance B2B sales funnel template.

Are you tired of struggling to reach your customer acquisition goals?

  • Are you generating lots of leads that aren’t becoming customers?
  • Are you sick of generating leads who aren’t a good fit for your company?
  • Is your website just floating in cyberspace without doing anything to acquire new customers?
  • Or are you starting from scratch and you don’t know where to start?

Imagine a steady stream of qualified prospects coming to you.

  • Imagine doubling or even tripling your lead-to-customer conversion rate.
  • Imagine a contact list filled with leads who are perfect fits.
  • Imagine having a blog filled with content that helps you generate hundreds of qualified leads each month.
  • Imagine knowing just what to do to develop marketing campaigns that convert.

Our free B2B Sales Funnel Template is the answer.

The Raindance Sales Funnel Template is a single document that shows you exactly what content you need to create and how to deliver that content in a way that generates leads that actually become customers. I’ve used this template to increase revenue by 245%.

What people are saying about this B2B sales funnel template

Georgios Chasiotis

Georgios Chasiotis, Managing Director of MINUTTIA, says:

“Instead of giving generic tips and methodologies, Roy breaks down the elements of a powerful framework and explains how to use marketing automation and retargeting to get better results for your business.”

Christine Gritmon

Christine Gritmon, founder of Christine Gritmon, Inc., says:

“Roy guides you through the funnel step by step, in plain English, with ample opportunities to lead yourself through your own custom plan and lay out a simple strategy for enhanced growth.”

Lindsay Tabas

Lindsay Tabas, a tech startup consultant and the founder of LADY ENGINEER®, says:

“Whether I need to review existing sales channels and funnels or set up new ones, I have Roy’s templates and guidance printed out right next to me.”

What you’ll learn

  • How to determine what your content should cover
  • How to deliver that content to the right people at the right time
  • How to target your leads based on where they’re at in the sales process
  • How to increase sales velocity with automated marketing

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