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Raindance is a B2B content marketing agency. We manage everything from strategy to execution for clients that use our B2B content marketing services. Academic-level research and first-class editing separate our content from the competition, and we have the same high standards for the content on our B2B content marketing blog.

B2B Content Marketing Blog Topics

Our B2B content marketing blog covers the latest news and research on content marketing topics like:

  • inbound marketing for B2B startups
  • B2B content marketing
  • contenting marketing for SaaS companies

Our writers dig into all the available studies on content marketing and related topics so that we can share the most recent findings with you. That way, you’ll have the information you need to develop a highly effective content marketing strategy.

Expect to see articles explaining:

  • the best content formats for different industries (and how to use them)
  • research-based tips on how to develop great thought leadership articles
  • how to write more persuasive copy using the latest findings in marketing psychology
  • the critical elements of a successful B2B content marketing process
  • relevant statistics and how they should influence your content marketing strategy

And much more, of course.

Why Read the Raindance Blog?

In addition to top-notch editing and research, we put a premium on originality. When you run a Google search, how often does it feel like the results on the first page are superficial wastes of space?

Most companies farm out their content to cheap freelance writers who regurgitate the content they find when they google the target keywords. These writers charge such low rates that they can’t afford to take the time necessary for deep research.

That leads to a glut of low-quality content.

At Raindance, we spend most of our time researching in-house and client content. We first look to academic journals, which provide great insights, but can take some time to decipher. We do the hard work of understanding these studies and explaining their findings so you can apply them in your content marketing efforts.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our B2B content marketing services or the content on our blog, email roy@raindance.io.

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