Are ready to level up your marketing? We offer a wide range of services and coaching options for business owners and marketing teams. Please feel free to email me at or schedule a call to learn which might be the best fit for you.

Listed below are some of the products and services we offer to help you meet and exceed your customer acquisition goals.

Marketing Strategy Roadmap

Are you ready to invest in marketing to generate new business, but don’t know where to start? 

A marketing strategy roadmap will identify audiences to target and lay out recommended initiatives to reach your target market. 

Based on conversations with your company’s leadership, this roadmap includes visual communication of the plan’s elements and how different actions and activities align with and support them. You’ll have the direction you need to move forward with confidence.

Price: $5,000

Marketing Strategy Audit

Have you found product-market fit, but still aren’t meeting your customer acquisition goals?

A marketing strategy audit is a comprehensive, independent assessment of your current marketing approach. This audit will evaluate your marketing assets, initiatives, and activities to aid your company in determining where to focus your future marketing efforts.

You’ll receive specific recommendations that you can implement to reach your ideal prospects and win their business.

Price: $2,500

Sales Funnel Audit

Are you struggling to convert leads into customers? 

A sales funnel audit is an in-depth evaluation of your current traffic sources and how your marketing efforts move that traffic through the sales funnel. You’ll receive actionable insights that you can use to convert website traffic to leads and leads to customers.

Price: $1,500

Done-for-You Sales Funnel

A good looking website isn’t enough to convert traffic to leads and leads to customers. In order to acquire new customers, you need a cohesive funnel that qualifies traffic, captures leads, and nurtures those leads until they’re ready to become customers. This is just as hard as it sounds. But we can help!

Price: $2,500

Content Roadmap

Is your content just taking up space without actually moving prospects down the funnel?

Whether your business relies on organic traffic or advertising, you need the right content to deliver at each stage of the buyer’s journey to build trust and stay top-of-mind with potential customers. Your content roadmap will cover all the topics you need to cover with recommendations on how to segment your advertising audiences so you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Price: $2,500

The Inbound Sales Funnel Workbook

Do you need to increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads, but don’t know where to focus your efforts?

If you’re planning on handling marketing yourself (or handing it off to someone on your team), but you need some direction to put all the pieces in place, the Inbound Sales Funnel Workbook is filled with over 20 exercises that will take you from Square 1 to a fully functional marketing plan. Includes four one-on-one strategy calls to make sure you’re on the right track.

Price: $1,000

Strategy Call

Are you facing a specific business challenge and need expert advice?

A one-on-one strategy call will provide actionable insight you can use to move forward with confidence immediately.

Price: $150/hr

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